Re: auto units versus 'auto' value

> Not so. Correct statement is:
> "whenever the units are used, then the sum should be normalised to be *not
> less*
> than 100% of the free space"
I think this is what Lachlan meant but it seems different due to a language ambiguity.

However, it seems reasonable to cause overflow in case of sum exceeding 100*
as he suggests. It doesn't change the box size, contrary to what you suppose:
> (no one %% value in children shall force
> changing of containers space)
If there are compelling use cases for your interpretation, a property
(in the spirit of box-sizing) can be added with a name, say
free-space-normalize and possible values:
never (the default), if-more-than-100 (Fedoniouk),
if-less-than-100, always. The latter 2 would have no effect
if there were a competing property with value auto
(not keyword! see my previous post).

Chris M.

Received on Sunday, 23 May 2004 05:54:03 UTC