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We created once (15 or more years ago) text display driver which did exactly
the same: mirror of the screen vertically and horizontally. And installed it
on our boss's PC.

Our lab spent the whole day spying him and his attempts to place his monitor
That was really funny :)

Andrew Fedoniouk.

> Kim Scarborough wrote:
> >
> > Sorry to re-post on this, but I'm really not sure where else to go:
> >
> >> Is there any possibility of adding support for backwards letters in
> >> I ask because I'd like to be able to make a standards-compliant XHTML
> >> copy
> >> of "Through the Looking Glass", which contains backwards letters in the
> >> text. Currently, my options are to write the text backwards with
> >> letters, to include an image of the backwards text, or to embed a
> >> backwards-letters font, all of which are suboptimal.
> >
> > What would be my first step if I wanted to propose that this be added
> > someday?
> Post here. :)
> The method for handling that within CSS would probably be the same as for
> handding boustrophedon text, and there are currently no plans for dealing
> with boustrophedon in CSS. It's just a lot of complexity for too esoteric
> a use case.
> I think using a backwards-letters font is the best way. To make the text
> read backwards, you can use a right-to-left Unicode BIDI override. (See
> the BDO element in HTML.)
> ~fantasai
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