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On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 05:04, James Ross wrote:
> Felix Miata wrote:
> > Anyone know a way to check only the submitted page? No matter what
> > options I set, the result is always infinite recursion. (Moz 1.7rc1)
> Yes, the default options seem to work fine... long as one doesn't happen to have a previously set cookie which
has had the recursion checkbox checked.  The cookie handling code in
link checker has known bugs, fix for this is in progress.  An
intermediate workaround would be to clear the cookie and try again.

> The does seem to be a bug that if you put *any* value in the recurse 
> depth box it recurses, even if you don't tick the recurse checkbox itself.

Bug, feature, dunno, that's the way it has always been AFAICT :)  It's
probably due to a bit of laziness, hysterical raisins (I guess the
configurable recursion depth was added afterwards when the checkbox was
already there), and to make it easy to share as much code as possible
with the command line version where it is more evident that setting a
recursion depth implies recursion.  It's not the best of UI's, agreed. 
WDYT, should that checkbox be removed altogether?

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