Re: [CSS21] @font-face question

Adam Badura wrote:
> Hallo!
> "@font-face" was in CSS2 and is not in CSS21. How then can I use font from
> my own font file using CSS21 and HTML 4.01. Or is there a way using
> something other, perhaps DHTML or JavaScript?
> Adam Badura (

There is currently only one browser that support '@font-face' and CSS 
2.1 requires at least _two_ implementations (that are not in conflict) 
before it gets added in.

However, '@font-face' is still in CSS3.

(You probably misunderstood one of the CSS 2.1 goals, it is a snap shot 
of current CSS useage.)

  Anne van Kesteren

Received on Wednesday, 5 May 2004 08:48:48 UTC