Re: [css3-hyperlinks] Comments about the New Draft

> Object cannot be targetted.  In fact it is the target attribute that is
> the real problem with frames; it's that that breaks the world wide web.

I do not think we are referring to the same issue; targeting an element from
outside is different from targeting itself or the root of its document
hierarchy from within.

An object elements can contain an HTML document, which with one of the
current strict markup DTDs and CSS 2, can open a new document in place of
the current document within the "object" element (this is the default
behavior), but not at the root of the document hierarchy as they will be
able to do should the "target-name" property become available with a "root"
or similar value.

I think the merits and demerits of frames and the very subjective notions of
what it is to break the World Wide Web and what does or does not break it
are all beyond the scope of this thread (and possibly this list), so I will
not address those issues now, but I mention them so you know I was not
ignoring them.

Received on Wednesday, 19 May 2004 17:10:34 UTC