Re: [CSS3 UI] 'resize' property

On 5/16/04 2:51 PM, "Sean M. Hall AKA Dante" <> wrote:

> I did read the spec, and that was what caused my confusion.
> The example gives this:
> html { 
> height: 100px; 
> width: 100px; 
> resize: none; 
> } 
> and says that that would display a non-resizable 100px by 100px window.

That example is from the *previous* (LCWD) version of the spec:

And is not present in the CR:

Please always read (and make comments on) the *CURRENT* version:


> I agree we need a @viewport rule, but wouldn't that make the :root pseudo
> element unnecessary (in a way)?

You're making the same error that I pointed out in the previous email.

:root (which is a pseudo-class not a pseudo-element) is not the same as the

> I apologize for this confusion,

Don't apologize.  Just read the relevant specs before commenting.

> what I meant to say was that applying resize
> the the HTML or BODY elements should be revoked.


Again, please read CSS2.1 (preferably cover-to-cover), especially the
section on user style sheets and !important.


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