Re: Colour gradient backgrounds.

Max Romantschuk wrote:

    "If a gradient property were introduced I feel it would be logical to do
one of two things:

1. Make it a background-* property, background-gradient for example."

    I think this would be the most logical way of implementing this feature.

MR continued:

    "I still feel that gradients don't really belong in CSS though. PNG is
fine for vertical and horizontal gradients, and SVG will do the rest.
CSS based gradients might make things easier in some ways, but would
they really promote usability and acessibility?"

    It would add a considerable degree of accessibility for designers with
disabilities, particularly visual impairments, who find image creation and
manipulation problematic. This may however be a lesser consideration with
respect to this.

    Using css to produce a colour gradient background would also, I suspect,
display a smoother colour transition. An image must have a finite limit to
its stretch capability that could easily mean the gradient would be rendered
in blocky style.
    An image will always, to a degree, place some restriction on the
liquidity of the corresponding element.

    SVG does present a workable alternative, but it still has minimal
support, which I think someone else already mentioned. SVG is likely to take
some time before it reaches critical mass in terms of support and
implementation, something css is already well in advance of.


Received on Tuesday, 11 May 2004 05:34:19 UTC