Re: %% values, Working UA?

>     In aspects of humoring you, can you provide a link to your UA which
> supports '%%' as stated, as well as (to-me) re-provide your /mock/ spec
> on it.
>     I among others can see what, if any problems we can find with that
> UA. in regards to '%%' at least...
>     Please provide along with it, what platforms it is designed to work
> on, what else (if anything is needed), and if you are willing to provide
> your source-code that implements the '%%' algorithim for anyone who is
> wondering.
> Thanks
> ~Justin Wood

Our HTMEngine (v 3.0) is an embeddable HTML rendering and editing engine
currently supports %% units.
Embeddable here means that it will be available as a mono DLL having size
600kb without external dependencies.
I expect it to be available publicly in July this year. Platforms so far:

Source code which does %% distribution is available now to anyone. Just drop
me a letter.
Anyway I am going to include it in official and formal %% proposal I working
on now.

Actually any UA now does have such code already implemented. It is part of
table layout algorithm.

Consider following:
<TD>IMG width=100></TD>
<TD width=25%></TD>
<TD width=75%></TD>
<TD>IMG width=100></TD>

will effectively produce

Andrew Fedoniouk.

Received on Thursday, 27 May 2004 23:21:06 UTC