Re: CSS 2.1 vagueness for text-transform

Nicholas Shanks wrote:
> The definition of the 'capitalize' value for text-transform is a tad  
> ambiguous.
> transform
> capitalize
>   Puts the first character of each word in uppercase.
> Is capitalize supposed to only affect the first character or the whole  
> string?
> <span style="text-transform: capitalize;">WHAT GETS OUTPUT?</span>
> Does the above transform to "What Gets Output?" or "WHAT GETS OUTPUT?"
> If it's undefined, may I put in a vote for the former (i.e. lower case  
> the string first, then capitalize each word). Whether it's defined or  
> not, it isn't clarified in the specification.

The specification itself is clear, I think. Put the first character of
each word in uppercase. Doesn't say anything about the rest.

As for lower-casing the string, I disagree.

   <span style="text-transform: capitalize;">This page is coded in HTML.</span>
I think we would want
   This Page Is Coded In HTML.



Received on Tuesday, 11 May 2004 21:12:10 UTC