Re: where is overflow:none ?

Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
> overflow:none has a clear logical sense (for me): in no circumstances box
> width or/and box height will be less than its content - read: will never
> overflow.

   It doesn't make any sense because the overflow:none would be 
affecting the height/width of a box which is the job for the height and 
width properties, whereas, currently, 'overflow' only affects how 
content outside the box is rendered.

   What would happen with the following code?

p {
   max-height: 2em;
   max-width: 5em;
   overflow: none;
<p>This is a long paragraph, that requires a box bigger than the 
'max-height' and 'max-width' properties allows...</p>

The 'max-height' and 'max-width' properties say *do not* create a box 
bigger than 10em x 2em, but the overflow property says *do not* create a 
box smaller than the height/width required by the content.  So, since 
the paragraph would obviously need a much bigger box than 10em x 2em, it 
would seem that the max-height and -width properties are now conflicting 
with the overflow property, thus what height would the box be?

   To me, an intrinsic value for the height/width properties would make 
much more sense.

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Monday, 17 May 2004 23:17:51 UTC