Re: Colour gradient backgrounds.

Lachlan Hunt writes:

    "Lack of support for an existing standard, such as SVG, which can
already produce the desired effects, is no reason start filling in the
gaps in CSS, using new properties which will also take quite some time
to get widely implemented."

    No, you're quite right about that.

    What I'm hoping to convey is that there will be developers who are
unable to create and manipulate graphics to the extent required to achieve
this type of effect and permitting it to be done through css would provide
an opportunity for web design to become more universally accessible in

    It would also offer a more simplistic solution. In much the same way, I
suppose, that it is easier to simply define a colour fill background, rather
than search out an image to tile.


Received on Sunday, 16 May 2004 06:08:10 UTC