Re: where is overflow:none ?

Hi, Ernest,

> The default value of overflow is "auto" which ....

As stated here:
and here

The default value of overflow is "visible".

And from this point of view Mozilla and Opera are both right.
But this contradicts with the default and traditional HTML layout behavior.

But question still remains :
How to say using current or future CSS "I want this paragraph to occupy
space as much as needed to show its content in full"?

To be short I am proposing to add value 'none' to the list of all possible
values of
overflow attribute and set its initial value to none.

      Value:    none | visible | hidden | scroll | auto | inherit
      Initial:    none
      Applies to:    block-level and replaced elements
      Inherited:    no
      Percentages:    N/A
      Media:    visual

Andrew Fedoniouk.

> > Hi, guys, I have a strange question :)
> >
> > Is it possible to say overflow:none ?
> > Is it possible in CSS to say that paragraph dimensions will never be
> > than content of the paragraph?
> >
> > The default value of overflow attribute is visible.
> >
> > And sure I am getting this:
> >
> > (
> > in Mozilla and Opera.
> >
> > Seems like Internet Explorer always respects intrinsic content
> > and is using
> > something like overflow:none
> >
> > Did I miss something?
> The default value of overflow is "auto" which besides having some
> minimal recommendations is largely up to the UA to decide what to do.
> Using visible overflow, as shown in the PNG, while not a recommended
> behavior, appears to be technically legal for CSS 2.1.
> For a UA that implements 'max-width' (which has a default of "auto")
> then if I am interpreting the Box module draft correctly, in a case where
> 'max-width' is "auto" then the intrinsic width of an item would become
> in effect a minimum width, in which case for the example you have given,
> the viewport should be scrolling to display a <body> that overflows the
> viewport and in which the border of the <body> would surround all of the
> text.
> Gecko has a 'max-width' property, but it does not appear to follow
> the current CSS 3 Box working draft as it appears to use a default
> value of "none" which isn't in either offical Box module working draft.

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