Re: CSS UI 'outline-offset'

Safari 1.2 supports the outline-offset property.  It makes no attempt 
to limit the outline to be fully visible on the viewport, so if you do 
use outline-offset to push the outline further from the bounding 
region, you do risk making the outline unviewable.  I assume this sort 
of decision-making is left up to the UA.


On May 16, 2004, at 12:12 AM, Justin Wood wrote:

> the property 'outline-offset' should/needs to specify which 
> "direction" a positive vrs a negative value would produce..
> Common practice would dictate that a positive value make the overall 
> width of the outline larger (assuming a normal closed box).  With 
> such, shall we limit outline to be fully visible on viewport, (at 
> least up to end of scrollable area?)...
> Yes, its in CR but this should be addressed.
> ~Justin Wood

Received on Sunday, 16 May 2004 06:02:45 UTC