Re: author-defined color aliases

> JavaScript and server-side generation are, in my opinion, bad answers
> to this feature request.  JavaScript is constantly used to patch up

Which is why the correct place is in the authoring tool.  I.e. if you
want a higher level language with no additional power, edit the 
style sheet in that language, and convert before loading onto the server.
The language is never sent over the wire, so it need not be standardised,
and, in fact, there are general purpose macro processors that can probably
do the job.

A WYSIWYG authoring tool is likely to have a private language, anyway,
although some may not save in that language.

However, the need for this sort of feature is often the result of 
an unstructured design as, with a logical use of styling the use of
multiple selectors on one set of rules or appropriate (possibly
multiple on a element and certainly structural) classes should avoid
the need to repeat the colour many times over. 

Received on Saturday, 15 May 2004 04:20:37 UTC