Re: Rendering order without positioning

Orion Adrian writes: 

>> It sounds like you're both looking for 'client-side XSLT' (or possibly 
>> XSL:FO, as someone else suggested). 
>> What problem, exactly, is this trying to solve? And why is something
>> that looks essentially like it's operating at the DOM level a suitable
>> task for CSS?
> [...] 
> What I'm looking for is the ability to have both vertical and lateral 
> positioning within a container. I find relative positioning virtually 
> useless. Absolute positioning doesn't cut it either and there's a simple 
> solution to my problems (rather than rehash, I just point you to the
> posts [first listed is most recent]).

While CSS's positioning capability may not be ideal, I don't think that 
imposing what amounts to a DOM reordering layer between the document and 
renderer is the most appropriate way to solve it. 

Whatever you come up with, it will need to be an evolution of the existing 
CSS model, floats and all, rather than a complete replacement. 

Personally, I'd like to be able to have floats later in the document 
'bubble-up' past floats earlier in the document, akin to a vertical z-index 
(y-index? float-priority?). I'd also like to be able to float things to the 
middle and bottom of the container, rather than just up to the top. 

I think if I had both of those, I could manufacture pretty much any layout I 
wanted (note: not every *possible* layout). And that would take only two 
extra properties, and no change to existing behaviour, rather than the 
complete change to the meaning of 'position' that you're suggesting. 


Received on Tuesday, 25 May 2004 08:37:35 UTC