You probably have gotten these suggestions to damnation, so I won'd suggest it again. However, I was wondering why there is no background-opacity or foreground-opacity properties that affect only the background or foreground, but not entire contents. As it is now, you can only set opacity for all components of the elements. RGBA provides the possibility to do opacities on background alone, but then you have nothing that works on them if you have a background image. A background-opacity property that affects only the background of the element itself, and a foreground opacity that affects the border and contents, whether textual, replaced or nested elements, would fit nicely with the current opacity property. The foreground opacity would behave just like opacity does now with the exception of not affecting the background on the element it applies to, while the background opacity does just the part of opacity that foreground-opacity doesn't. The opacity property could then facto
r them together just like it does today, or be a compound property that may act as a shortform for the other two. foreground-opacity in turn could be made up of border-opacity and content-opacity if one wishes...

Is there any reason for not including something like this in CSS3?
David "liorean" Andersson

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Received on Saturday, 15 May 2004 10:53:51 UTC