Ville Skyttä wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 05:04, James Ross wrote:

> > Felix Miata wrote:

> > > Anyone know a way to check only the submitted page? No matter what
> > > options I set, the result is always infinite recursion. (Moz 1.7rc1)

> > Yes, the default options seem to work fine...
> long as one doesn't happen to have a previously set cookie which
> has had the recursion checkbox checked.  The cookie handling code in
> link checker has known bugs, fix for this is in progress.  An
> intermediate workaround would be to clear the cookie and try again.

$cat cookies.txt | grep w3

Since there were 0 cookies that I could find from any URL, either
directly, or in cookie manager, I knew there was something bad wrong. I
deleted all cookies, and it has worked fine since.
> > The does seem to be a bug that if you put *any* value in the recurse
> > depth box it recurses, even if you don't tick the recurse checkbox itself.
> Bug, feature, dunno, that's the way it has always been AFAICT :)  It's
> probably due to a bit of laziness, hysterical raisins (I guess the
> configurable recursion depth was added afterwards when the checkbox was
> already there), and to make it easy to share as much code as possible
> with the command line version where it is more evident that setting a
> recursion depth implies recursion.  It's not the best of UI's, agreed.
> WDYT, should that checkbox be removed altogether?

I don't see a purpose. If there is a number there, it should recurse to
that depth, regardless whether some checkbox is checked. 
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