Re: CSS3 UI "resize" property

fantasai wrote:
>>    however, if the 'resize' property itself is altered (e.g. via 
>> pseudo-class
>>    change or via DOM manipulation), then the resize factor is reset to 
>> 1.0.
> The second statement says that if I dynamically set the 'resize' property
> on the element, the factor gets changed to 1.0.

That doesn't actually answer my question... Are we talking about changes 
to the _specified_ value or the _computed_ value?  What happens when the 
node is moved in the DOM and the rules that apply to it change?  What 
happens if it's moved and the specified value before and after is 
inherit but the computed value changes?

> e.g.  " = both" (or whatever the syntax is) will set
>       the resize factor to 1.0, even if the specified style was already
>       "both" before and the element had been resized to 1.3.

So we're singling out some some specified value "changes" (or not) but 
not others?  What happens if the stylesheet is manipulated via the CSSOM?

All of this should probably be clearly explained in the spec, not 
explained in email to me, btw... ;)


Received on Wednesday, 12 May 2004 15:34:05 UTC