Re: where is overflow:none ?

Ernest Cline wrote:
> The default value of overflow is "auto"

Not according to <>. 
Also not according to CSS3 Box 

> For a UA that implements 'max-width' (which has a default of "auto")

You mean "none"?  See 
<>.  Or are you reading 
the CSS3 Box Working Draft?  I wonder why that changes the default value.... 
(and removes the existing "none" value).

> then if I am interpreting the Box module draft correctly, in a case where
> 'max-width' is "auto" then the intrinsic width of an item would become
> in effect a minimum width

Why?  What part of the draft leads you to believe that?  That would be pretty 
inconsistent with CSS2.1...

> Gecko has a 'max-width' property, but it does not appear to follow
> the current CSS 3 Box working draft as it appears to use a default
> value of "none" which isn't in either offical Box module working draft.

Which documents are you considering official here?


Received on Monday, 17 May 2004 00:03:35 UTC