Re: CSS: %% length unit. Proposal. Some clarifications.

> Most of sites are using sort of
> left-bar<|>content<|>right-bar layout these days.

Many such sites are designed for page descriptions languages and ought
to be using them, rather than HTML.  They often use table without
fixed layout, so don't render until I've given up waiting for them!

> left-bar appear then content then right-bar...
> UA always knows when second step (vertical adjustment) is needed while
> loading document.

You need to know the final vertical height of the content before anything
is rendered if you are to avoid a re-rendering artefacts.  As noted above,
that is often achieved by auto-layout tables, but has the effect that
incremental rendering is completely frustrated.

There are also applications in which infinite pages are generated dynamically.

Received on Thursday, 13 May 2004 16:05:59 UTC