Re: vertical-align

> >
> > Shall I make a "solid" form of proposal? Any interest in %% stuff? Is
> > it worth doing at all?
> I don't think you can get it solid. For example:
>    <foo/>
>    foo{
>     margin:10%%;
>     width:200%%;
>    }
> The viewport is 'x' pixels width. What is the calculated value for
> 'width'? And for 'margin'?

%% are calculating against total sum of %% along axis or 100 whichever is
Example of this situation is case #3 when effective sum of %% is 50%% +
100%% + 50%% = 200%%

So for given foo:
width = 200/220 * container-inner-box-width
margin-left/right = 10/220  * container-inner-box-width

It is exactly the same behaviour as in current table layouts: if sum of % of
columns is bigger than 100 then this sum is used for the calculation (not
100) (may be not defined in spec but all UA's behave this way) (See sample
at the end of this message)

> Or:
>    font-size:120%%;
> What is the calculated 'font-size'? So I also don't think it is worth
> doing investigation and write-up at all.

120%% - the same rule as previous.

Logicaly %% are applicable to entities already having 'auto' (free space)
I can see that it could be applied to line-height. But font-size? Possible,
but has no physical meaning.
font-size:120% is not a percentage from container dimension, so %% have no
meaning here.

> > position: center as far as I can see it is about automatic absolute
> > positioning and has nothing common with block content alignment. And
> > no position: bottom, etc.
> There is no such thing as 'position:bottom'. Are you sure you have read
> and understood, the *complete* mail (proposal).

Sorry, I mean: this proposal does not cover e.g. bottom auto positioning
Actually position:center is completely different approach - it is about
element positioning but not about content alignment.

Sample of percent sum > 100
<TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=1 width="50%" border=1>
      <TD width="40%">1</TD>
      <TD width="80%">2</TD>
      <TD width="20">3</TD></TR></TABLE>

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