Re: Backwards text

Kim Scarborough wrote:
> Sorry to re-post on this, but I'm really not sure where else to go:
>> Is there any possibility of adding support for backwards letters in CSS3?
>> I ask because I'd like to be able to make a standards-compliant XHTML 
>> copy
>> of "Through the Looking Glass", which contains backwards letters in the
>> text. Currently, my options are to write the text backwards with forwards
>> letters, to include an image of the backwards text, or to embed a
>> backwards-letters font, all of which are suboptimal.
> What would be my first step if I wanted to propose that this be added
> someday?

Not sure this is a style effect. It seems that the fact that the letters are 
reversed is part of the content. You can't understand the text otherwise. It is 
subtle, though, since I imagine that Lewis Caroll wouldn't mind if the font was 
changed, as long as the text was displayed backwards. One would need a 
<mirrored> tag in HTML to express that...

It's one of those cases where the border between style and content doesn't quite 
coincide with the border between HTML and CSS.

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