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Ernest Cline wrote:

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>>From: Lachlan Hunt <>
>>   Lack of support for an existing standard, such as SVG, which can 
>>already produce the desired effects, is no reason start filling in the 
>>gaps in CSS, using new properties which will also take quite some
>>time to get widely implemented.
> Just to make it clear, the reason I have for wanting CSS gradients
> is not as a stopgap until SVG is widely implemented, but as
> something that would be useful even in environments where SVG
> will never be implemented.

   Yes, but would the extra complication of adding such properties to
CSS be worth it for UAs that can support SVG, considering that it
*shouldn't* be a big loss if a solid colour, or even a fallback image
was presented, rather than a gradient in UAs that don't support SVG?

   I'm all for adding new types of colour properties and values to CSS,
but not at the expense of crossing *too far* into the realm of images.
For example, I have been thinking about for a while, but not yet
proposed, adding properties to do bitwise (NOT, OR, XOR and AND)
operations between colours and backgrounds which wouldn't use up much
processing power at all, but haven't had time to write up a full
proposal.  Maybe later this week I'll get around to it.

> There is also a minor problem, in that 'color' would have multiple
> shortcut properties ('font' and 'foreground') that would reference it,
> a difficulty that so far has only affected border properties.

   The 'font' shorthand property doesn't reference 'color' in any
version of CSS, and AFAIK, there is no shorthand property that currently
references 'color'.

PS. This isn't really related to this thread, but I noticed that, in
CSS3, 'font' no longer has 'inherit' in the list of values, whereas it
did in CSS2 and 2.1.  Was that intentional, or was it just missed?

Lachlan Hunt

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