CSS 2.1 vagueness for text-transform

The definition of the 'capitalize' value for text-transform is a tad  

   Puts the first character of each word in uppercase.
   Puts all characters of each word in uppercase.
   Puts all characters of each word in lowercase.
   No capitalization effects.

Is capitalize supposed to only affect the first character or the whole  

<span style="text-transform: capitalize;">WHAT GETS OUTPUT?</span>
Does the above transform to "What Gets Output?" or "WHAT GETS OUTPUT?"

If it's undefined, may I put in a vote for the former (i.e. lower case  
the string first, then capitalize each word). Whether it's defined or  
not, it isn't clarified in the specification.

As a bonus, it would be nice if you specified that a user agent was  
non-conforming if it rendered cyrillic and greek characters (others?)  
but did not capitalize them. A UA that does not render them of course  
need not transform them and still be compliant.

(is this too late for 'last call' ?)

- Nick.

Received on Tuesday, 11 May 2004 21:04:52 UTC