Re: box-sizing. Was Re: where is overflow:none ?

Thanks a lot, Anne,

Your explanation makes sense for me.

My add-on to motivation set: only this schema really allows to use standard
% length units in boxes with non null paddings and borders (margins are
still waiting for a solution).

Andrew Fedoniouk.

> > By the way:
> >
> > As far as I understand the main reason of box-sizing mode
> > introduction was to support layouts like in example section of the
> > link above.
> Another reason was that some browsers already implemented support for it
> (MacIE, Opera, Mozilla) and that WinIE (all versions excluding WinIE 6.0
> in standard compliant rendering) implemented the wrong box model. So
> this was an easy way to workaround browser limitations, which was
> already widely implemented so it was a logical move (imo) to include it
> in the 'css3-ui' draft (and later it will be placed in 'css3-box').
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