Re: CSS: %% length unit. Proposal. Some clarifications.

>>From: Andrew Fedoniouk <>
>>%% units should be allowed ONLY in margin and width/height
>>CSS attributes for boxes having 'normal' flow.
>>Not in absolute nor relative nor fixed positioning mode.

Ernest Cline wrote:
> Then I absolutely, categorically am against %%.  Both from the
> standpoint of human usability and computer usability, any unit
> that can be applied to <length> should be able to be applied to
> any instance of <length> no matter where or how it is used,

I second that. "The exception confirms the rule" -style ifs and buts in 
CSS would be a disaster. First and foremost we need to keep CSS explicit 
and coherent, even if at the cost of user firendlyness. some people will 
have trouble understanding CSS, but there are WYSIWYG authoring software 
for that.

The people who do wish to do stuff by hand should always be able to 
calculate what's going to happen with relative ease. %% units would not 
make things easyer overall.

Max Romantschuk

Received on Monday, 10 May 2004 00:51:45 UTC