Re: styles in col & colspan elements


> Property        Mozilla  Safari  Opera
> display:
>  none            buggy     -       -
>  table-column      X       X       X
>  block           buggy   buggy   buggy
>  inline          buggy   buggy   buggy
>  inline-block      X     buggy   buggy
> visibility:
>  visible           X       X       X
>  hidden            -       -       -
>  collapse          -       -       -

Hidden does not apply to cols (IMHO). Please retest with mozilla 1.7a 
when it comes out, or a recent nightly the visibility:collapse on 
columns and file the corresponding bugs, if you want them fixed.

> <html><body><table border="1">
> <tr><td style="width: 40px; white-space: pre; overflow: hidden;">one two 
> three four five
> Which should look something like this:
> +-------------+
> | one two thr |
> +-------------+
>  |<-  40px ->|
> But no browser renders that correctly either :-(

from CSS 2.1 (mozilla follows this pretty close, while this part is not 

Calculate the minimum content width (MCW) of each cell: the formatted 
content may span any number of lines but may not overflow the cell box. 
If the specified 'width' (W) of the cell is greater than MCW, W is the 
minimum cell width. A value of 'auto' means that MCW is the minimum cell 

Also, calculate the "maximum" cell width of each cell: formatting the 
content without breaking lines other than where explicit line breaks occur.

The minimum content width is larger than 40px so the width will be the 
If you place a div with <div style="width:30px;"><div 
style="width:200px;">>one two three four five</div></div> You will see 
how the overflow arising from the inner div is correctly cut.
So before you take hostages make sure that the question is correct.
> Are we likely to see these issues resolved soon or will i have to kidnap the programmers' families first?  :-)


Received on Wednesday, 12 May 2004 00:54:18 UTC