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5.17 again - Re: How to close issue 5.17 - XML presentation syntax

[Fwd: Re: ISSUE 5.14: Revised proposal to close ontology versioning]

Abstentions on closure of internet media type issue

Abstract Syntax and Semantics: review comments

Action: Review of satisfaction of requirements

ADMIN: Agenda for December 12 telecon

ADMIN: Agenda/Logistics for Dec 19 telecon

ADMIN: Agenda/Logistics for Dec 19 telecon-dialing in at 12:40 - Marwan

ADMIN: Guests for January f2f - suggestions sought

ADMIN: Manchester face to face RSVPs

ADMIN: Minutes Dec 12

ADMIN: Minutes Dec 5th

ADMIN: Minutes from Nov 21 meeting

ADMIN: minutes of Dec 19th telecon

ADMIN: minutes of Dec 19th telecon (amended)

Admin: regrets Dec 19

ADMIN: regrets Dec 19 and Jan 2

ADMIN: Revised Minutes Dec 5th

ADMIN: telecon dates through f2f

Background for reviews

Blank nodes in OWL DL, OWL Lite

Complexity and implementability of OWL languages

Datatypes - chair's ruling on part 4 [was proposal to close issue 5.8 datatypes]

datatypes part 3

doing unnecessary work to keep Jeremy happy

editorial tweak to OWL semantics doc

Events at OMG related to using UML as an OWL presentation syntax

Feature Synopsis document: a review

Feature Synopsis Review

Guide comments

Guide review

GUIDE: 5.9 malformed restrictions: "don't do that"

Guide: Current version

Guide: Latest version

Guide: Tags added

GUIDE: vocabulary words in TOC, please

How to close issue 5.13 - internet media type for OWL

How to close issue 5.17 - XML presentation syntax

How to close issue 5.18 - unique names (was RE: ADMIN: Minutes Dec 12)

How to close issue 5.8 datatypes

information description of OWL/DL graphs

Introduction: Sean Bechhofer

irc log for 5th December?

Issue 5.13 mediatypes: Proposal to CLOSE

ISSUE 5.14 Closing Text

ISSUE 5.14: Revised proposal to close ontology versioning

Issue 5.17 XML presentation syntax for OWL

ISSUE 5.19 proposal to resolve

Issue: Add hasValue to OWL Lite

ISSUE: justifications (postponed)

Jan ftf agenda thoughts?

keeping Jeremy happy

LANG: Defn of DL in Mappings

LANG: need to CLOSE Issue 5.6 Imports as magic syntax

LANG: owl:Thing subClassOf owl:Thing

LANG: Proposal to close ontology versioning (ISSUE 5.14)

Move OneOf to Owl Full (carried over from telecon)

new XML presentation syntax Schema

oneOf explicit dt values

oneOfDistinct, a proposal for 5.18

oneOfDistinct, a proposal for 5.18 - Unique names assumption

Oops (Re: Review comments on OWL Semantics)

outstanding action items done

Overall review

OWL DL is very restrictive

OWL Lite semantics

OWL Lite semantics (fwd)

owl lite starting to look like more trouble than it's worth

Owl Lite v. Owl DL - from heat light (was ... hasValue ...)

OWL Ontology for XML Infoset?

OWL Reference: Latest version

OWL/DL in RDF graphs

owl:Ontology in abstract syntax

owl:versionInfo (was Re: ADMIN: Minutes Dec 12)

Potential and/or partial regrets for Dec 5.

Potential regrets for Dec 5th

preliminary agenda - Dec 19 telecon

Proposal to reopen issue 5.3 semantic layering

proxy voting

question about imports

rdfs:Datatype vs owl:Datatype

Reference document: a review

Reference Review


regrets Dec. 12

Regrets Dec. 5

Regrets for 12-Dec, 19-Dec, 26-Dec, 2-Jan

regrets for 5.12.

Regrets for 5th Dec

Regrets for Dec 5th ( possible ) & 12th ( definite )

regrets for Dec. 12 telecon

Regrets for Dec. 5th

Regrets for f2f and 2002-12-19 and 2003-01-02 telecons

Requirements Document - Latest Version

Review comments on OWL Semantics

review of Guide

review of RDF LCC documents

review of Reference, Guide, and Features

Review of Web Ontology Language (OWL) Test Cases

Reviews of OWL documents

SEM/TEST: "a" owl:differentFrom "b", no?

SEM: Layering bug

SEM: rdfs:subPropertyOf cases

Semantic Review

Sketch: reasoning conformance levels (was RE: Issue: Add hasValue to OWL Lite)

Suntax comments on the Guide document

TEST,GUIDE,LANG: cardinality and DTDs

TEST: format of issue 5.6 - owl:imports

TEST: latest draft - timescales

TEST: latest owl testcases

TEST: making use of EARL

TEST: owl:allDifferent

TEST: xml entitites in test cases?

Timeline - editorial issues with docs - implementation

URIs for user-defined datatypes for use in OWL

vizualizing webont chatlogs with SVG

Vote on hasValue (was Re: owl lite starting to look like more trouble than it's worth)

WOWG: agenda Dec 5 telecon

WOWG: Congrats to All

WOWG: Documents to review (all members - deadlines included)

WOWG: HUMO(U)R from our bloggers...

WOWG: Preliminary Face to Face Agenda

WOWG: Working Group has been extended

XML presentation syntax Schemas for OWL Lite/DL/Full

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