Re: Review comments on OWL Semantics


>How about?
>	I'll change when the RDF/XML Syntax Specification and the RDF
>	Semantics documents change.

the change I am looking for is in the presentational spin in the textual
descriptions, not in the rules.

In the rules you have to use some notation for triples, and something
approximating to what you've used is necessary.

However, this is not defining a mapping to N-triples (for which a load of
boring stuff about escaping non-ASCII characters is necessary), but is a way
of articulating a mapping into an RDF graph.

I would also value an indication of your response to my other suggestions
(such as deleting much unnecessary verbiage, particularly anti-RDF flame
bait) ...


Received on Tuesday, 17 December 2002 09:11:57 UTC