Proposal to reopen issue 5.3 semantic layering

I assume that the chairs will require this proposal to be seconded before 
being considered. Nor would I want it considered if I am alone in my 
concerns. So at this stage I am looking for a seconder.

I think the aspect of this issue concerning the syntactic characterization of 
OWL DL should be reopened.
The key problems are:
+ the characterization in terms of the abstract syntax is too difficult to 
explain in terms of RDF triples
+ the abstract syntax characterizatrion interacts poorly with owl:imports
+ the limitations concerning blank nodes in RDF are insufficiently motivated.
+ the limitations seem to be excessively conservative.
+ the documents other than the abstract syntax (and the test cases) have not 
attempted to follow this resolution.

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Received on Tuesday, 31 December 2002 13:01:20 UTC