Re: LANG: Proposal to close ontology versioning (ISSUE 5.14)

From: Jeff Heflin <>
Subject: Re: LANG: Proposal to close ontology versioning (ISSUE 5.14)
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 10:06:29 -0500


> Massimo, this is a really good point that I hadn't considered. If
> Automobile is the sameClassAs Car, and Car is a subClassOf
> DeprecatedClass does that make Automobile a DeprecatedClass? 

This doesn't even make Car a DeprecatedClass.  

Perhaps you mean

	Car is an instance of DeprecatedClass

This would make Car a DeprecatedClass but would not make Automobile a

> If so, then
> my example is broken. However, I don't think the semantics work that
> way. I've looked at our semantic documents and it seems that
> owl:sameClassAs only means that two classes have the same extension
> (i.e., they have the same members). As far as I can tell, it says
> nothing about whether properties of the classes are the same. Pat or
> Peter, can you correct me if I'm wrong on this?

Precisely correct.

> Jeff


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