Re: Feature Synopsis document: a review


Thanks for your review.
Your comments can be implemented immediately (thanks for making them so 

The only issue I have is with your first comment: wrote:

> - Apart from the historical reference to DAML+OIL in the last sentence
> of the first paragraph of section 1, all other (more than 10)
> references to DAML+OIL could be removed from the document.
> It is natural that DAML+OIL is in the head of the authors of the document,
> but for somebody who steps freshly into this document, without any
> knowledge  about history and DAML+OIL, these references annoyingly detract
> from the  story.
> An alternative could be to combine all these comparison statements
> to DAML+OIL near the end, in one special paragraph.  However,
> I am in favor of simply deleting them from the document.

We had repeated requests on the public list for a difference list with 
DAML+OIL. In particular, users/developers of DAML+OIL will be looking for 
such a difference list, rather than having to construct it themselves out of 
our spec. Therefore, I would like to go with your suggestion of collecting 
these references in a separate paragraph, labelled as such.


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