Blank nodes in OWL DL, OWL Lite

My understanding of the abstract syntax is that the following RDF Graph is 
not part of OWL DL.

<a> <b> _:v .
<a> <c> _:v .
_:v <d> <e> .

i.e. the use of blank nodes in OWL DL is approximately that permitted in 
RDF M&S without the new rdf:nodeID construct.

I think this is a mistake.
RDF Core found that the inability to serialize an arbitrary graph in the 
official syntax was somewhat embarrassing, I think WebOnt should learn from 
that embarrassment.

Suggested fix, permit individualID,and perhaps classID to be a blank node 
identifier in abstract syntax.


Received on Wednesday, 11 December 2002 14:00:30 UTC