Action: Review of satisfaction of requirements

I have reviewed the requirements from the Req Doc [1] with respect to
our current language. Most of the requirements are definitely satisfied,
however there is one that isn't and two that probably are (but I'd like
a second opinion).

R5. Ontology metadata is not satisfied. It essentially requires specific
meta-data properties such as author, publish date, etc. I would have no
problem demoting this to an objective if the WG agrees.

The two probably supported are:

R19. Supporting a character model


R20. Supporting a uniqueness of Unicode strings

I think we get these for free with XML, but would like to make sure we
didn't have something else in mind when we added them. If you feel they
are not currently supported, please let me know.



Received on Monday, 30 December 2002 15:57:59 UTC