RE: LANG: Defn of DL in Mappings

I wrote:
 This *is* monotonic with respect to the OWL DL/OWL Full layering because in
OWL Full, such triples are all semantic consequences of the usages that
could possibly result in them being uniquely determined by the OWL DL rules
(and many of these triples are somewhat meaningless in OWL Full anyway, e.g.
all properties are owl:ObjectProperty, since owl:Thing = rdfs:Resource which
is a superclass of rdfs:Literal. (Some care may be needed with the
definition of owl:DatatypeProperty in OWL Full).

On further reflection, this will also require fixing of the layering bug I
just mentioned and probably the introduction of owl:datatypeRange to be used
instead of rdfs:range on datatype properties. This seems well worth it to
make the RDF graph:

<eg:a> <eg:p> "foo" .

into an OWL Lite document, rather than as currently it is an OWL Full

(I doubt that this is adequately addressed in the Guide, the feature
synopsis or the OWL reference).


Received on Friday, 20 December 2002 06:09:20 UTC