Re: ISSUE 5.14 Closing Text


Thanks for your note.

> As for versionInfo, I don't really see why it needs to be in the OWL
> namespace now. I think the new properties handle everything that's
> relevant for sharing the ontology. If you only use it for internal
> configuration management and debugging then it could either be contained
> in a comment or a you could create a similar property in your own
> schema. Of course, this item never got discussed in the e-mail, so if
> other believe there is a strong reason to keep it, I'd be willing to
> withdraw it from the closing text.

I think there's a strong reason to keep it.  In several
applications, e.g. [1], I explicitly display
daml:versionInfo as a cheap form of provenance (rdfs:comment
isn't specific enough, and using my own property isn't
general enough).  I also use it heavily for "instance data",
with both static and dynamic content.



Received on Thursday, 12 December 2002 13:57:52 UTC