Re: question about imports

From: pat hayes <>
Subject: question about imports
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 12:27:45 -0600

> As I understand things, the current meaning of imports is that including
> owl:imports B
> in a document A has exactly the same meaning as copying the imports 
> closure of B into A.
> So I have a question: consider two documents A and AC which are 
> identical except that A contains owl:imports B, and AC actually has 
> the imports closure of B copied into it at that point, but has no 
> reference whatever to B. 

This is different from the previous proposal in that it drops the imports

> These two documents have exactly the same 
> meaning, right? 

No, because the second is missing a triple.

> And the first, but not the second, refers to another 
> document.

And they have different meaning (as n-triples documents).

[ No comment on the other issues raised. ]

> Pat


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