TEST,GUIDE,LANG: cardinality and DTDs

The following DTD inside a document

   <!ATTLIST owl:cardinality
        rdf:datatype CDATA #FIXED

allows the omission of the rdf:datatype attribute on owl:cardinality



for a complete example)

I propose that:
 Guide and Tests should use such internal DTD declarations for
owl:cardinality, owl:minCardinality, owl:maxCardinality and any ontology
specific DatatypeProperty-s to avoid having rdf:datatype attributes in the
body of the RDF/XML data.

This is in addition to the entity definitions already included in the guide,
and proposed for inclusion in test cases.

I note that the comment in the current version of the OWL Reference suggests
using property attributes for owl:cardinality within HTML content. This does
not work, even with the DTD declarations above.


Received on Friday, 20 December 2002 02:29:24 UTC