Re: editorial tweak to OWL semantics doc

From: pat hayes <>
Subject: Re: editorial tweak to OWL semantics doc
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 11:26:30 -0600

> >Hmm.
> >
> >Why shouldn't that go at the beginning of the RDFS-Compatible
> >Model-Theoretic Semantics section?  It appears to me that OWL/DL, when
> >written in N-triples,
> Not N-triples; say RDF triples.

Before I use the phrase ``RDF triple'' I would like to see a definition of
them.  I looked in Concepts and Abstract Syntax and was highly
underwhelmed.  ``An RDF triple contains three components, ....''  Sure, but
just *what* is an RDF triple?  Is it a triple, in which case why are the
components named?  Is it something else, like a data structure, in which
case just what sort of data structure is it?

I am unwilling to say that the (abstract) syntax of OWL contains elements
that can be *anything*.  How are these sorts of thing supposed to be

So, unless there is a *decision* of the working group, I am not going to
use RDF triples until their definition is cleaned up or at least until I
can understand just what is going on.


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