Owl Lite v. Owl DL - from heat light (was ... hasValue ...)

All - there has been a conceptual misunderstanding at the heart of my 
argument with Ian - I had never realized that OWL DL is decidable, 
but not (in current form) sound and complete (due to oneOf). 
Therefore OWL Lite as currently formulated really is different, and 
adding hasValue really makes a difference in terms of soundness and 
completeness.  I had not understood this before - in fact, in talking 
to a couple of other members of the WG neither had they.  We need to 
make it clearer in our documents what the differences are between 
  that said, I am now willing to abstain on the hasValue issue.
  Sorry it has gotten so loud in here lately, but sometimes people 
have to yell real loud to get these things through my thick head

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Received on Thursday, 12 December 2002 12:00:49 UTC