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To admit my ignorance, what is AS&S?  
It is the case the normative interchange syntax for OWL is RDF/XML.

Thanks for catching the differentFrom error.  We used to have an
assertion, which took a collection, which used the about syntax.

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I have two problems with the Guide document that I encountered when 
creating the transformation from XML syntax to RDF:

1) it says (last editor version):

"In this document we present examples using the OWL XML syntax, 
assuming XML will be familiar to the largest audience. The standard 
for interchange of OWL assertions between tools depends on RDF 
triples. Note that OWL has been designed for maximal compatibility 
with RDF and RDF Schema. "

But in fact the syntax is not at all the one given for XML Syntax in 
the AS&S document.
To me the syntax used seems to be closer to RDF as defined in the 
RDF/XML document of Dave Raggett.
In fact, I built the transformation for obtaining the syntax used by the

I would favor a lot that the syntax used in the Guide be the XML 
syntax provided by AS&S (with minor modifications). Then we could 
concentrate on a translation to RDF/XML syntax and triple syntax.

2) I see that differentFrom takes an about attribute while 
sameIndividualAs takes a resource attribute. I guess that they should 
all be resource?

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