Re: question about imports

pat hayes wrote:
> I never said otherwise. That is beside the point of my question. What
> assertion does the imports triple  (considered in isolation, a single
> triple) actually make, other than that imports closure be true? (And
> BTW, what is the subject of that triple, and how does it enter into
> the truth-conditions?)

This is exactly useful in the context of the example you had given. The

ex:foo owl:imports ex:bar .

might be used for some type of Semantic Web Google, that could count the
number of places where a particular ontology is imported, giving it higher
'believability' etc.

It would also entail the 'contents' of ex:bar i.e. the set of assertions
obtained by dereferencing the ex:bar URI, but aside from that it would be
useful in and of itself for certain purposes (such as above).


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