Re: LANG: Proposal to close ontology versioning (ISSUE 5.14)

"Smith, Michael K" wrote:
> Extends = priorVersion and backCompatWith. The new version is compatible.
> All of the old entailments hold.
> Replaces = priorVersion and not backCompatwith. In the new version it is not
> the case that all of the old entailments hold.
> Of course these are just statements of intention, with no logical force.

Mike, are you suggesting that we use Extends and Replaces instead of
priorVersion and backCompatWith? As you point out above, my proposal can
already express these two notions. I think Extends could be confusing,
because imports already provides a form of ontology extension, but I
would be interested in hearing the opinions of others.


Received on Tuesday, 3 December 2002 09:40:44 UTC