Re: OWL Lite semantics

>Given the short time to get to our documents out, I think we would 
>be best off if
>we used our email message time towards making proposals that we 
>think are likely to
>help the group reach agreements that are operational.
>I think the line of explicit and implicit description logic bashing

OK, OK, calm down. I only made a passing remark, and I tried to say 
that it wasn't meant to start a row; but nevertheless it was, I 
think, worth making in the context: there was a genuine confusion 
being caused by the DL/logic distinction, and it was germane to the 

(I have to say, you DL folk are *extraordinarily* touchy and 
defensive. Particularly the ones from Bell Labs. )

>     - unproductive (it does not make sense at this point to start 
>over with another
>foundation for OWL at this late date

You speak here, I take it, as the person who is planning to produce 
an 'axiomatic semantics' for OWL, ie a translation of OWL into logic?

But I didn't in any case for a moment mean to suggest that we should 
be changing anything, only to express regret that we didn't do things 
better in the first place.

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