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Draft response to Ian Davis' comment Chimezie Ogbuji (Friday, 31 December)

Draft response for CommentResponse:JP-2 Andy Seaborne (Monday, 27 December)

WSDL and POSTing SPARQL Update requests directly Lee Feigenbaum (Friday, 24 December)

Format of SPARQL Update results Alexandre Passant (Thursday, 23 December)

2010-12-21 TC minutes ... Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 21 December)

Change of status Paul Gearon (Tuesday, 21 December)

Proposed: SPARQL grammar is complete as-is Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 21 December)

ACTION-209, ACTION-328 Steve Harris (Tuesday, 21 December)

To SPARQL Last Call - attention editors Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 21 December)

ISSUE-64: Should we incude an entailment regime for OWL with non-distinguished variables and no result bnodes? SPARQL Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 21 December)

new comment on HTTP Update Protocol... volunteers? Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 21 December)

SPARQL TC 2010-12-21 Agenda (Merry Christmas edition) Axel Polleres (Monday, 20 December)

Changes to editor's draft of the SPARQL 1.1 HTTP Protocol Chimezie Ogbuji (Monday, 20 December)

rq25.xml String functions definitions - first shot (ACTION-350) Axel Polleres (Monday, 20 December)

Fwd: Proposed change to the OWL-2 Direct Semantics entailment regime Enrico Franconi (Monday, 20 December)

new version of fed query Carlos Buil Aranda (Monday, 20 December)

property paths three more test cases pp13, pp14, pp15 Axel Polleres (Monday, 20 December)

Another thing on property paths... Axel Polleres (Friday, 17 December)

Update security issues Paul Gearon (Tuesday, 14 December)

HTTP-update-ISSUES, feedback for next TC, all? Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 14 December)

ACTION-347 done Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 14 December)

This week's minutes Birte Glimm (Tuesday, 14 December)

last week's minutes Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 14 December)

Call for issues and comment on JSON result format Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 14 December)

SPARQL 1.1 document updated (ISSUE-59) Alexandre Passant (Tuesday, 14 December)

Draft comment to MS-1 (ACTION-335) Alexandre Passant (Tuesday, 14 December)

critical open ACTIONS for LC... Axel Polleres (Monday, 13 December)

ACTION-325 completed... Axel Polleres (Monday, 13 December)

stumbled upon ACTION-200 CONSTRUCT WHERE shortcut... Axel Polleres (Monday, 13 December)

SPARQL TC 2010-12-14 - agenda for tomorrow Axel Polleres (Monday, 13 December)

Regrets Steve Harris (Monday, 13 December)

Dave Beckett's Comment Steve Harris (Monday, 13 December)

Importing RIF Axel Polleres (Friday, 10 December)

Reminder: SPARQL Protocol teleconference in 30 minutes Lee Feigenbaum (Wednesday, 8 December)

Regrets Nicholas Humfrey (Tuesday, 7 December)

SPARQL TC 2010-12-07 agenda Axel Polleres (Monday, 6 December)

md5sum and sha1sum functions Paul Gearon (Friday, 3 December)

Details of dateTime operations Andy Seaborne (Friday, 3 December)

SPARQL Namespaces Gregory Williams (Thursday, 2 December)

Details of string operations Andy Seaborne (Wednesday, 1 December)

Draft response: JP-1 (Property Paths) Andy Seaborne (Wednesday, 1 December)

Open issues in HTTP/Update protocol (for discussion) Chimezie Ogbuji (Tuesday, 30 November)

SPARQL WG minutes, Tues. Nov. 30, 2010 Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 30 November)

Appologies Steve Harris (Tuesday, 30 November)

ACTION-326 + ACTION-327 ... test README.html updated... Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 30 November)

ACTION-330 test cases around '+' for string concatenation Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 30 November)

Proposed change to the OWL-2 Direct Semantics entailment regime Enrico Franconi (Tuesday, 30 November)

SPARQL WG Agenda -- Tues. Nov. 30, 2010 Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 30 November)

Changes to Query 1.1 doc Steve Harris (Monday, 29 November)

Proposed RAND() defn Steve Harris (Monday, 29 November)

Grammar updated Andy Seaborne (Friday, 26 November)

SPARQL protocol and HTTP Update : HTML file upload Andy Seaborne (Thursday, 25 November)

SPARQL Protocol Working Session TC - Wed. Dec. 8 @ 11am ET Lee Feigenbaum (Wednesday, 24 November)

SPARQL WG minutes for 2010-11-23 Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 23 November)

Scheduling poll for SPARQL Protocol working session telecon Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 23 November)

Regrets for today Matthew Perry (Tuesday, 23 November)

Regrets for today Nicholas Humfrey (Tuesday, 23 November)

Regrets for today Olivier Corby (Tuesday, 23 November)

TC 2010-11-23 Axel Polleres (Monday, 22 November)

CASE Lee Feigenbaum (Thursday, 18 November)

Please *all* comment on the comments page! Axel Polleres (Wednesday, 17 November)

Kjetil's comments Axel Polleres (Wednesday, 17 November)

draft responce JG-1 (comments on functions and LET) Axel Polleres (Wednesday, 17 November)

function library summary and issues Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 16 November)

minutes from today's TC Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 16 November)

Update shortcuts summary and discussion Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 16 November)

SPARQL TC 2010-11-16 Agenda Axel Polleres (Monday, 15 November)

Regrets Nicholas Humfrey (Tuesday, 9 November)

Regrets for today Olivier Corby (Tuesday, 9 November)

SPARQL WG Agenda, Tues. Nov. 9, 2010 Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 9 November)

Minutes from SPARQL WG, 2010-11-02 Lee Feigenbaum (Monday, 8 November)

Translation of SPARQL syntax to SPARQL algebra Andy Seaborne (Thursday, 4 November)

SPARQL protocol Andy Seaborne (Thursday, 4 November)

SPARQL XML Result errata Andy Seaborne (Thursday, 4 November)

functions detail: lang/langmatches Axel Polleres (Wednesday, 3 November)

what functions should we include in SPARQL 1.1? Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 2 November)

grouping by expressions Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 2 November)

generating tests overview page Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 2 November)

Regrets Souripriya Das (Tuesday, 2 November)

ISSUE-59 - Shortcuts for Update Alexandre Passant (Tuesday, 2 November)

SPARQL WG Agenda - Tues. November 2, 2010 Lee Feigenbaum (Tuesday, 2 November)

apologies for tomorrow Carlos Buil Aranda (Tuesday, 2 November)

Comments responses Andy Seaborne (Monday, 1 November)

SPARQL WG Alert! Teleconference one hour _earlier_ outside of the US this week Lee Feigenbaum (Monday, 1 November)

FILTER inside FILTER? Birte Glimm (Monday, 1 November)

Updated delete tests Matt Perry (Wednesday, 27 October)

Fwd: Beware of W3C Accounting Phishing Ivan Herman (Wednesday, 27 October)

More minimalisic proposal than potentially bound ( Birte Glimm (Tuesday, 26 October)

Meeting minutes Paul Gearon (Tuesday, 26 October)

next week agenda (2010-10-26) Axel Polleres (Saturday, 23 October)

BIND - a question of detail Andy Seaborne (Thursday, 21 October)

BIND: some tests Andy Seaborne (Thursday, 21 October)

Minutes from today's TC Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 19 October)

RV-4 Steve Harris (Tuesday, 19 October)

Proposed response to DB-1 Alexandre Passant (Tuesday, 19 October)

Regrets for today's TC Olivier Corby (Tuesday, 19 October)

yacker grammar Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 19 October)

Agenda 2010-10-19 Axel Polleres (Monday, 18 October)

Fixing the update test case vocabulary. Axel Polleres (Monday, 18 October)

Proposed response to DR-1 Andy Seaborne (Saturday, 16 October)

Proposed response to JC-3 Andy Seaborne (Saturday, 16 October)

preparation for next TC... please point me to unapproved test cases... Axel Polleres (Friday, 15 October)

WD Publications are out... Axel Polleres (Friday, 15 October)

RK-1 Axel Polleres (Thursday, 14 October)

another question on "SELECT *" Axel Polleres (Thursday, 14 October)

GROUP question Andy Seaborne (Thursday, 14 October)

Document Preparation for Publication Birte Glimm (Tuesday, 12 October)

draft response GK-3 Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 12 October)

Re: + for fn:concat Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 12 October)

Comments GK-1 and 2 Steve Harris (Tuesday, 12 October)

response to RV-4 Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 12 October)

minutes from today's RC... Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 12 October)

regrets for today's meeting Souri Das (Tuesday, 12 October)

short before the call... remaining issues on LET/BIND/ASSIGN Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 12 October)

[protocol] [SPARQL-http] HTTP status codes Andy Seaborne (Sunday, 10 October)

Re: some more comments on Fed query doc... (was: Re: Review of Query document (basic federated query)) Carlos Buil Aranda (Friday, 8 October)

Agenda SPARQL TC 2010-10-12 Axel Polleres (Friday, 8 October)

Re: http-rdf-update and the default graph Chimezie Ogbuji (Thursday, 7 October)

SPARQL1.1 Update review part 2 Axel Polleres (Thursday, 7 October)

More Aggregates questions ... Another scalar parameter for GROUP_CONCAT? Axel Polleres (Thursday, 7 October)

Aggregates question... Axel Polleres (Thursday, 7 October)

Preparing a document for publication Birte Glimm (Wednesday, 6 October)

MINUS vs NOT EXISTS question... and some suggestion for rewording. Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 5 October)

NOT EXISTS {P} = ! (EXISTS {P} ) , yes? Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 5 October)

Review of SPARQL 1.1 Uniform HTTP Protocol for Managing RDF Graphs review, rev1.56 Steve Harris (Tuesday, 5 October)

Question about BINDINGS Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 5 October)

some more comments on Fed query doc... (was: Re: Review of Query document (basic federated query)) Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 5 October)

minutes from today's TC Axel Polleres (Tuesday, 5 October)

ISSUE-63: Handling of default graph in HTTP update protocol SPARQL Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 5 October)

At risk Paul Gearon (Tuesday, 5 October)

Review of Update Formal Model Andy Seaborne (Monday, 4 October)

Agenda TC 2010-10-05 Axel Polleres (Monday, 4 October)

Re: LET / BIND / Assignment test cases (ISSUE-57) Lee Feigenbaum (Sunday, 3 October)

SPARQL Update 1.1 ready for review Alexandre Passant (Sunday, 3 October)

Re: SPARQL Update 1.1 review part1 Alexandre Passant (Sunday, 3 October)

charter extension/updating the schedule Axel Polleres (Friday, 1 October)

Re: Review of Entailment Regimes (Action-317) Ivan Herman (Friday, 1 October)

[tests] Test for GROUP BY Andy Seaborne (Friday, 1 October)

Re: Resolution for ISSUE-37 Axel Polleres (Thursday, 30 September)

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