Re: what functions should we include in SPARQL 1.1?

Fine tuning.


The fn:concat function is specified to allow an two or more arguments 
that are concatenated together. This is the only function specified in 
this document that allows a variable number of arguments. This 
capability is retained for compatibility with [XML Path Language (XPath) 
Version 1.0].

As Steve pointed out, fn:concat casts to string (and empty sequences go 
to empty string) but also it's the only function in F&O that takes a 
variable number of arguments; others take sequences e.g. fn:string-join.

If we wish to be more conservative, we could provide own binary string 
concatenation operation (tighter signature, can devolves to fn:concat 
for the functionality).


Received on Wednesday, 3 November 2010 10:24:24 UTC