ACTION-325 completed...

Just realised, I hadn't completed ACTION-325 on the test case README.html yet, now done:

"ACTION-325: Change nested use of ut:data to ut:graph"

check ...

New text:

"Named graphs are described either - analogous to the qt:graphData property from the query test vocabulary - by explicit URI reference (in which case the graph name is supposed to correspong to the respective URI reference), or the object of the ut:graphData property may be a resource further described in terms of an ut:graph and an rdfs:label property. Here, the ut:graph property is a URI reference to an RDF graph, whereas the rdfs:label property with plain literal value indicates the graph's name under which it is accessible in the graph store. The ability to assign a "name" differnt from the URI reference name explicitly to a named graph in a graph store is needed to denote different graphs by the same name to describe the status of a named graph prior and after execution of an update."


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