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On 2010-11-25, at 14:50, Andy Seaborne wrote:
> On 25/11/10 10:40, Steve Harris wrote:
> ..
>> The fact that POST updates are not yet fully specified in is a source of concern to us.
>> - Steve
> Could you say what isn't specified and should be?

I don't remember exactly. I think it wasn't clear if the payload should me a mime form, or GET-style URI fields.

> Currently I use the Content-type to get the syntax, the body is the payload and payload = RDF document from earlier in the spec.

Where do you get the graph URI from?

> I return 200 if the target existed, and 201 if it didn't which is my (limited) understand of correct status codes for HTTP.

Sounds reasonable. I don't know what we do offhand.

- Steve

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