Re: rq25.xml String functions definitions - first shot (ACTION-350)

On 21/12/10 11:32, Steve Harris wrote:
> Why should encode_for_uri("colour"@en-GB) be a type error?

I'm reasonably neutral on this specific item but I'd like to address in 
terms of the overall style.  Adding str() is not much of a burden and
elsewhere the argument has been made that casts and other functions are 
needed  (e.g. aggregates over unbounds).

SPARQL 1.0 has regex(<uri>,..) is something that is quite common - 
SPARQL requires a STR().

In other functions If the primary argument is a 
plain-literal-with-language (PLWL), other functions return a PLWL.

The hash functions should defintiely distinguish simple literals and PLWL.


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