To SPARQL Last Call - attention editors

I've setup to track our 
progress towards Last Call.

I'm sorry for the late notice of this, but if possible, I'd like to ask 
editors to take a look at their sections and put in any details that you 
have -- please consider this yet another status update, but I think 
using this wiki page going forward (protocol and HTTP protocol have 
their own pages which I linked from this page) will help have everything 
in one place.

If you maintain your own TODO list, feel free to transfer it to this 
wiki page or maintain it on your own -- for query I added "general 
edits" for both of our editors.

I tried to transfer issues and TODOs that I know about from recent TCs 
and mailing list messages and issues and actions, but please review 
what's there and add what's missing.

We'll also use this as a place to line up reviewers for each document 



Received on Tuesday, 21 December 2010 10:04:56 UTC